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Market-leading business publications providing the latest news, information and data.
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Exhibitions >

Market-leading business exhibitions and events delivering face-to-face contacts and content.
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Conferences >

Dedicated conferences and live events providing face-to-face learning and networking opportunities.
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Premiere award events across the private and public sectors.
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Accurate high-quality sales and research leads are compiled by in-house research teams.
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We are an established, multi media company in business information and contact provision.

We come from a tradition of B2B magazine and directory publishing (HIS) and exhibition and conference organising (Brintex) but have widened our offering to include many digital products as well as round tables and industry award events.

We are a dynamic organisation, always striving to find innovative solutions and offerings for our customers.  Our inclusive culture encourages our young, creative and professional staff to have ownership of their products and build relationships with their clients.

We recently achieved bronze level IiP, a testament to both the company's investment in its staff and the ethos of staff led development of our products and each other.